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Gameboy Camera
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This is a community for people who love the Nintendo Gameboy Camera, and want to share pictures from it. If posting several pictures, learn how to make a table, and please please don't post one long column of pictures. If you somehow manage to make a very large movie from your pictures, use the lj-cut tag!

To get you started...
This link will show you the basics on how to get your pictures from your gameboy to your computer. (In general, this involves using something like a GB Xchanger to connect the camera to your parallel port).
This link will give you the software that you'll need to either convert your saved files into bmp's or gif's. (I really like Gh0st Camera).

As you'll find, there is also a way to emulate the gameboy printer with your computer. This requires making a special cable. Please give some input if you've tried this method! If you're lucky, you may be able to find a MadCatz Camera Link. Apparently you can use it to emulate a gameboy printer on your pc. It plugs into a parallel port on one end, and a gameboy color or gameboy pocket on the other. I found a used one at a GameStop/Funcoland near me for $3. I have not tested this yet.

For more general information about the Gameboy Camera:
More general FAQ's

And, How to take color pictures with your Gameboy Camera!

Handy hardware links:
Success Company (I've ordered from them before)
Hong Kong Toys

Below is a Mega Memory Card (linked to buy.com). This is incredibly useful for storing more than 30 images at a time. In fact, with just this item and your gameboy camera, you can store at least 180 images (150 on the memory card, 30 more on the gameboy camera). I've seen them occasionally available used, at GameStop/Funcoland for $2.99. If you're into making animations with your gameboy camera, having one of these really expands your options. Note that due to physical limitations, this will NOT work in a classic (big honkin' gray thing) Gameboy without physically altering the GB. It works fine in the GBC, GBA, and GBA SP. (I've not tested it in the Super Gameboy, for some reason that seems really weird to contemplate).
Mega Memory Card from buy.com

To make animated gif's, you'll need appropriate software. One freeware option for windows is UnFREEz.