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Game Boy Printer Discoveries [Oct. 4th, 2009|05:17 am]
Gameboy Camera


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Not many people post on here anymore as that maybe stock has diminished or that feelings that the camera has passed its prime. I am not so sure. Lately I have been posting about the Game Boy Printer and Camera in my LJ and I think it'll make for interesting reading for anyone who is still reading this community.

Game Boy Printer Info: http://chriskewl.livejournal.com/126541.html
Game Boy Printer Options: http://chriskewl.livejournal.com/126915.html

I would love to find a way to print anything I wanted to the printer directly. I have the Mad Catz printer cable, I also have the GameShark/Action Replay cables. The idea I had is that if you can connect the printer to the computer using one of these cables then feed it data from a driver that mimics a send. Then you can use Windows to send anything you want to the printer. It'd be nice to use the Game Boy Printer for other applications.

Ideas, thoughts? Feel free to post your comments. I'm all ears.